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Heroes and NPC's

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Heroes and NPC's Empty Heroes and NPC's

Post by Beldrama on Tue Jun 26, 2012 9:52 pm

I had to re-install every plugin and we are now using bpermission since PEX doesn't support our new RPG system which is Heroes.

Why not mcmmo? -> mcmmo sucked in comparison

We are trying to make World of Boon have a classic MMORPG class system. Heroes allows us to have that. You will progressively gain more Max health, mana and do more damage as you Level up depending on what class choice you have made. This has lead to players being overpowered in comparison to the vanilla mobs. What we have done is to change, probably every mobs stats, damage, health and exp so that it fits in to our RPG element.

Example: You do not fight a level 100 Ender dragon at level 10 even if you have a full diamond set.

So in a list from chicken (level 1) to Ender Dragon (Level 100) we have balanced it so that when you are level 100, you would be going for an average difficulty fight against the Ender Dragon and End game. Nether would count as a pretty difficult high level area so being below level 50 would prove a big challenge.

Heroes and NPC's 525935_10151818166600057_184345155_n

Classes drawn by: ConnyLoathsome

The classes are:

Citizen (beginner class) - max Level 10

Fighter (Tier 1) - Max level 30

Warrior (Tier 2) work in progress - Max level 60

Crusader (Tier 3) work in progress - Max level 100

Magician (Tier 1) - Max level 30

Wizard (Tier 2) work in progress - Max level 60

Mage (Tier 3) work in progress - Max level 100

Rogue (Tier 1) - Max level 30

Assassin (Tier 2) work in progress - Max level 60

Hermit (Tier 3) work in progress - Max level 100

Archer (Tier 1) - Max level 30

Hunter (Tier 2) work in progress - Max level 60

Ranger (Tier 3) work in progress - Max level 100

Every class will have access to every armor and weapon in the game. Some classes will however cause more damage with certain weapons.

Fighter = Axe

Rogue = Sword

Magician = Stick (Mostly uses magic, though)

Archer = Bow and arrow

So the MAX damage will increase slightly for every level you gain. The whole list of MOB levels/stats and class information can be found on our NEW website: www.worldofboon.com

Our forum will now be on forum.worldofboon.com

We have installed Citizens so you will be able to take on Advancement quests to advance to a tier. The NPC's are available in Boon Palace, in Boon Town.


Ambrosca is unprotected, someone might wanna concider taking it back... Etzaell?

Same goes for the plots you have in Boon town. Once we go public (again) on the 1st August I will concider all non-reclaimed plots to be inactive players and put them for sale

We need beta testers for these new RPG elements so feel free to join up, invite your friends and enjoy your Boonie adventures.

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Heroes and NPC's Empty Re: Heroes and NPC's

Post by Loathsome on Wed Jun 27, 2012 8:58 am

Hopefully the server will go public real soon. I suppose it's just to fix the classes and it's basically ready?

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