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Post by Beldrama on Mon Jul 30, 2012 9:41 pm

(Slot: 1/1)

Some guy who makes sure the server is running and gets new features.

Head Game Master
(Slots: 1/1)

Besides doing what regular Game Masters do, a Head Game Masters job is to recruit new Moderators/Promote them to Game Master/Demote them/Overseer promotion.
Head Game Masters get Wand by default since you'd have proven yourself trustworthy enough to have access to this ability if you made it this far in to the ranks.
Head Game Masters will not raid or fight a member and the same "Staff Policy" rules applies here.

(Slots: 2/2)

An Overseer is a person who have spent countless of hours serving the World of Boon to their fullest. These guys come and go, help the server creating dungeons, other beautiful creations and do police work when they feel like it is necessary. They are sort of like Moderators except they have the wand to help out the server whenever the overseers are available. Overseers have the ability to Raid and PVP like Moderators. Overseers have their powers not to abuse them or boost their levels / economy what so ever. They are given this title due to their enormous support and absolute trust so they would never kill or raid you unlegit.
This title will never be given lightly and we will most likely tell you if you are ready or not. If you ask us for this title we will most likely decline.

Game Master
(Slots: 3/5)

Game Masters hold events, create dungeons, quests and help players out to make their experience much better, form and blossom the World of Boon with wonderful creations.
They also have the same powers as Moderators except they are able to spawn items / have access to Creative etc...
Since Game Masters have these benefits they are not allowed to PVP or Raid any player unless they, or the other player challenge the other person and accepts a duel or come to some sort of agreement. This rule is not due to lack of trust, it is basically a policy which I think Staff should have in ANY community, not just World of Boon. A staff member causing aggressive acts or being the reason for "Hate" is not a sign of good Leadership. Members should always be able to count on a Game Master's or Head Game Master's trust and support. Game Masters should always be the better person, and a person people look up to.
Game Masters do not have access to wand... It is a way too risky tool and should only be allowed to use by the most experienced players. One mistake and it can be fatal to the servers performance.

(Slots: 5/5)
JurassicJeep (Trial)
zzman1235 (Trial)
QueenMiyu (Trial)
Ninjascorpion (Trial)

Moderators basically have the same powers as VIP's except they can kick/ban/mute/unban/Jail. They are sort of the Police of Boon World but can raid players as they see fit since they have no benefits over VIP's what so ever.

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