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Mob Arena and Web Store

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Mob Arena and Web Store Empty Mob Arena and Web Store

Post by Beldrama on Thu Aug 02, 2012 1:24 pm

1.3.1 USERS

Like all bukkit servers with plugins out there, we have to wait for bukkit to update to the latest minecraft version before we can go to 1.3.1.

IF you want to downgrade and join the server, you can follow this tutorial: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NUBsktHzO2A

~~Mob Arena~~

Like mentioned in the earlier update we have now fixed a mob arena.
This mobarena contains up to 80 Waves and 8 Bosses with their own abilities and skills

As you progress through the waves the monsters gets tougher based on our Mob Level list at: www.worldofboon -> Server info -> RPG

To join the Mob arena you type in '/ma join'.

If a game is already in progress you can spectate using '/ma spectate'

Web store

So we have now gotten a webstore so that you can pay on the browser instead of having to use the /buy command in game.

It's pretty easy to remember: http://store.worldofboon.com

You will notice there is a "Recently purchased list" and categories which leads to the packages you want.

We have also added a lot more mobs to the Mob Disguise package and put an unlimited package for 20 USD.

We have also put up new packages where you can buy Credits which is added to your balance upon purchase.

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