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Hunger Games + Marriage

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Hunger Games + Marriage Empty Hunger Games + Marriage

Post by Beldrama on Fri Aug 24, 2012 9:35 am

Hunger Games!

The popular mini-game, Survival Games have arrived to our server. We are using a last man standing map created by Vareide and we are using the first of the three Survival games maps that are available. Here's how the map looks like:

So how does this work with Heroes? It doesn't work that well. Since imagine a level 100 Crusader vs a level 8 citizen. How fair is that?

So we made a new class called Survivor. This class is the only class that have access to the Survival Games and it is very balanced. It only has got a few minor skills such as:

Level 30 - Shield (Hold a trapdoor to neglect 50% Damage)

Level 60 - Sneak (Be able to sneak at full speed)

Level 100 - Track (Track the HP/Coordination/Level of a player)

A level 1 Survivor have got 20 HP (Vanilla) and 30 HP at level 100. So each 10 level you get 1 HP. There's no Weapon damage modification for the Survivor class and all this makes the Survival Games pretty balanced.

Apparently Survival Games and Heroes conflict each others when it comes to the HP. When you lose a game you will be teleported back to the lobby with full Hearts. These hearts are fake and doesn't show your ACTUAL HP. if you do /hp you will notice you still have 0 HP or slightly more and it won't recover you since you have full hearts.
If you'd join a game at that state you will remain at 0 HP and die in one single hit and that wouldn't be fun, would it?

So we set up a Server sign right next to the "Join" sign to properly heal you before you walk into a game.

So how do I join?

1. '/hero choose survivor'

2. '/sg join' Will teleport you to the lobby

3. Heal yourself and hit the 'Join' sign and wait for other players to join.

4. '/sg vote' will vote to start a game. if 75% of the players vote, the games will begin within 20 seconds.

If you die you can spectate other players using /sg spectate 1

Then hold shift + left or right click to cycle between the current players alive.

'1' Means arena # 1 We are planning to add more arenas in the future but at the moment, the plugin doesn't support multiple arenas but as soon as it does, we will get more of Vareide's maps that are available on Planet Minecraft. We might even make our own maps c:

When you are done playing you can just warp yourself back to the spawn with /warp spawn or just /warp survival

Also remember to change back to your normal class: /Hero choose <class>


Hunger Games + Marriage Minecraft_heart-e1289789285362.png.-m1

You are now able to marry a player in World of Boon.

Just find yourself a priest (Most Staff), make sure you guys have 500,000 each and then he will marry you.

/marry love - Do Heart animations when you are close to each others

/marry list - List all married players

/marry tp - Teleport to married player

/marry pvpon - Turn on pvp.

/marry pvpoff - Turn off pvp.

/marry sethome - Sets a second home which the couple share.

/marry home - Teleports you to the home.

If you are getting sick of your partner, find a priest and tell him to divorce you, and he will. Why would you marry in the first place if it wasn't everlasting?

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