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Moderator Application Form

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Moderator Application Form Empty Moderator Application Form

Post by CabCraft on Mon Nov 05, 2012 10:18 pm

APPLICATIONS ARE CURRENTLY CLOSED! Any application sent in during this period will be ignored.

So, you want to be a moderator? Great!
To apply, please fill out the form below and send it as a PM to the current Head Game Master. Note that the application will be posted to all other staff members regardless of whether it is accepted or rejected.
All information you may need to fill out this form is available at these forums and/or in the game. The main point of these questions is to assess whether you have read and understand the implications of being a moderator, and a staff member at a complex server such as World of Boon.

As a staff member we expect you to:
  • Actively search for rule breakers.
  • Always make sure people look up to you as a mature person and someone who they can safely ask anything to.
  • Respect everyone, even when somebody is being mean to you/is harrassing you or anything like that. Be the better person and handle the situation according to the rules. Don't be at their level, but make the members want to be at yours. Always respect your fellow staff members and their decisions.
  • Discuss staff-related issues in the staff chat. Do not flood the general chat with confusing arguments and discussions that don't concern the regular players.
  • Keep any spoilers and secret information restricted within the staff ranks.

Application rules
  1. You must use this application format.
  2. You must not ask staff members to support or look at your application.
  3. You must not post this application on the forum.
  4. Do not ask staff members if you should apply.
  5. You must not ask staff members for advice about any of the questions in the application form.
  6. Your application must be original; an application that is found be of high similarity to another is automatically denied.
  7. On questions that require an explanation, a short one-sentence answer is not sufficient.
  8. When your application is denied, you must wait two weeks before you can apply again.

Breaking any of these rules will get your application denied.

Your application will be evaluated according to a scoring system, and if you are eligible for a trial, we will ask you for more personal details at that time.


Background Questions
  1. How long have you played Minecraft?
  2. How long have you played on our World Of Boon server?
  3. How many hours a day do you expect to be on?
  4. Have you ever been banned/muted from our server? If yes, why?
  5. What is, in your opinion, the worst and best features of World of Boon?
  6. Why do you want to be a moderator?

Staff Questions
  1. What do you think the expectations of a staff member are?
  2. Please fill in the blanks below with staff ranks:
    "___ hold events and create quests and dungeons for the players. ___ and ___ have the ability to raid. The ___ is responsible for recruiting new staff. Beldrama is the ___ of the server."
  3. Please list all current moderators on the server:
  4. How is a moderator different from a VIP?
  5. Imagine you are in a room with 99 other applicants. Why should we pick you over anyone else?

Communication Questions
  1. You have come to know about some secret projet a staff member is working on. A player finds this place and asks you what it is. What do you tell them?
  2. The following sentence contains a few errors in the form of spelling mistakes and lack of punctuation. Please try to fix this sentence as best you can:
    "As you move closer the house lost it's charm that you're first instincts gived you its definately more run down than you thought though you still wandering what happened."
  3. Two players both claim that the other one has stolen their items. How do you handle this situation?
  4. If a player asks you to do something, and you are unsure if it is right or wrong to help, what do you do?

Policy Questions
  1. You have already encountered several general game rules. In addition, this application contains several rules. If you count ALL rules, how many do you end up with?
  2. Pick one of the general game rules and explain in your own words what you think this rule means, and what happens if you break it:
  3. Pick any rule (game rule or application rule) and explain why you think we have this rule:
  4. Explain in your own words what you think griefing is:
  5. Someone wants you to spawn their items back as they claim to have lost them somehow (server restart, world glitch, lava, etc). Depending on the situation, what would your actions be?
  6. As a moderator, you want to engage in PvP combat. Is there a problem with this? Explain why / why not:
  7. Someone is building a large wooden house, and just as they are about to finish the house they run out of wood. They ask you to spawn some wood, as wood is easy to get and is cheap. What do you do?
  8. As a game master, you want to engage in PvP combat. Is there a problem with this? Explain why / why not:
  9. If you could add or remove a rule, what would that rule be, and why?
  10. Please suggest an improvement to this application form:

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Moderator Application Form Empty Re: Moderator Application Form

Post by Jo5sh on Wed Nov 28, 2012 2:27 am

Please read the entire post rather then just copy/pasting the application somewhere.
Locked unless Cab wants it unlocked.


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