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The Black Market

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The Black Market Empty The Black Market

Post by Beldrama on Sun Nov 11, 2012 3:25 am

The Black Market Nether_star

The Black Market

We have moved all Donation packages on our webstore to a Black Market NPC that sells these in game. You can now purchase Nether Star packages on our webstore.

Nether Stars is the main currency in the Black Market. You can obtain Nether Stars by either Donating, winning events or by killing the wither boss.

You can find the Black Market in: /warp spawn or /warp vip.

Here's a list of the packages that are available:

10 Nether Stars - 1.00 USD

30 Nether Stars - 2.90 USD

100 Nether Stars - 9.50 USD

250 Nether Stars - 22.50 USD

The Black Market sells a lot of Rare items in the World of Boon.

Here's a list of them:

Diamond set - 10 Nether Stars

VIP Unlimited - 100 Nether Stars

10,000 XP - 10 Nether Stars

30,000 XP - 30 Nether Stars

100,000 XP - 90 Nether Stars

200,000 Cash - 10 Nether Stars

1,000,000 Cash - 50 Nether Stars

2,000,000 Cash - 90 Nether Stars

Feel free to visit our webstore:

If you have any suggestions on other items we can add to the Black market shop, please notify us either in-game, forums or by email: worldofboon@gmail.com

Thank you for supporting World of Boon!


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The Black Market Empty Re: The Black Market

Post by Loathsome on Sun Nov 11, 2012 1:51 pm

The Black Market I+approve+this+message+_be80a0c4e678f4290d2177c5a3a41c02

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