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Updates 11/07/2011

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Updates 11/07/2011 Empty Updates 11/07/2011

Post by Beldrama on Mon Jul 11, 2011 9:55 am

Ok, So I am gonna start making these update logs to show what new features we have, What bugs have come and gone.

- We have changed the moderator color to be Orange ('gold'). Which is final. Purple is more suitable for donators which is gonna be enable from the donor shop which will come up sometime soon.

- The Nether is also fixed from the Border issue.

- There are also some plugin updates which I might copy the log from every now and then.
Could contain useful information for the players. What do you think?

- The Warhub is accessible through /warhub. It's a work in progress though and we're not completely done with it yet.

- Wolves should no longer follow the players outside the MobArena.

- I am gonna work on the residences within Boon Town today so expect plots being available probably tomorrow.

- connyloathsome and Willepro are now demoted to regular players.

- justgiveup99 and Destinix are now accepted as a Trial Moderators. Congratulations!

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