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Post by Beldrama on Thu Aug 16, 2012 12:13 pm


Thanks to all of you World of Boon supporters, we have gotten enough donations to upgrade our server for 3 MONTHS!

So instead of:

Dedicated Memory: 1024MB
Slots: 1-24

We now have:

Dedicated Memory: 2GB
Slots: 1-48

Hopefully we have gotten 108 USD by 02/12/2012 to keep this upgrade going but I do not think it will be a problem seeing we got 115 USD for this upgrade in about 6 Weeks + that we have been in 1.2.5 this whole time. We now have increased the slots for staff by 1 so that there are 5 slots for GM's and 5 slots for MODS. Which means Staff applications are open and we will be having trials once we get enough applications.


What about 1.3.1?

Main reason why our update is SO delayed is because Heroes got DDOS'd by some hacker which means they couldn't keep developing the plugin whilst they were getting hacked. Now they managed to squeeze out a STABLE 1.3.1 heroes build which now allows us to go further.

I am currently doing a huuge 3 GB 1.2.5 backup and downloading the updated 1.3.1 plugins. Filezilla (FTP software) is taking a long time downloading all these files. After all the files are done downloading to my computer. We will update to 1.3.1.

This will be an annoying process with A LOT of restarts and downtime. So the server will most likely be offline today and maybe even a little tomorrow (If we are very unlucky). This is because some plugins have changes within the configurations which means that I will have to go through every plugin that gives out an error, re-install that plugin and reconfigure everything. This will be annoying because I know Heroes have new configurations which I have to go through and that is the plugin which has got the MOST settings. I will have to go through every class, every skill, all mob HP/XP/DMG and general settings. Since we have so many more classes and skills than the default Heroes, it's gonna be a long process.

I will try to do this as quickly as I can and once we have 1.3.1. We will be able to get new members with ease Smile (Until 1.3.2 is out this week?). Anyway it should be easier for us to update to 1.3.2 since it is not as big of a step from 1.3.1 than from 1.2.5 to 1.3.1.

I will keep you guys updated on the forums and thank you for your patience.

// Beldrama


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