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Catacombs of the day + New payment methods

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Catacombs of the day + New payment methods

Post by JenniferHeimdal on Wed Aug 15, 2012 11:56 am

Catacomb of the day

We have now set up 7 different styles and difficulties for catacombs. There will be one catacomb each day and coordinate announced ONLY ONCE. These catacombs will be spawned at a random location in the World of Boon. The more difficult the dungeon is, the more money you receive from each monsters and more diamonds at the end. Each catacomb is reset every 24 hour.

Difficulty list follows:

Grassland 1 (Peaceful) Monday = These catacombs mostly contains regular spiders and are pretty short. Diamonds at the end: 1-3. Can be found in grassy lands and fields.

Grassland 2 (Easy) Tuesday = A slightly more difficult version of Grassland 1. Diamonds at the end: 1-5

Snow (Normal) Wednesday = Snow catacombs are found in snow biomes. There's a bigger chance of more dangerous mob spawners here. Diamonds = 1-10

Sand (Hard) Thursday = Found in Desert biomes. Interior sort of reminds you of Egyptian tombs. Diamonds = 1-15

Swamp (Very Hard) Friday = Found in swamp biomes (Derp). Reminds you of witch cottages. Diamonds = 1-20

Jungle (Hardcore) Saturday = Found in Jungle biomes. They tend to be pretty hidden behind all the trees. They look like Ancient ruins. Diamonds = 1-25

Demon (Impossible) Sunday = Can be found anywhere on the surface. They are catacombs straight from the nether. These are the longest, contains the most powerful creatures and will reward you 1-30 diamonds at the end. Only the most brave party, would challenge this.

New payment methods

We have now implemented other payment methods for the http://store.worldofboon.com

For our members who doesn't have access to Paypal or creditcard, PayGol and Onebip can be used to purchase the packages through SMS,


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